All Aboard the Digital Express


In terms of BIM and the rail sector it would be criminal to not include a project of the size, scale and complexity of Crossrail when it comes to information and data handling on such a large scale. So let us once again blow the lid off this astounding project that really does cement BIM as a modern day pioneering digital approach that is truly worth shouting about.
Cataloguing the remains of 3000 skeletons, nudging substations across the street and conducting a workforce of over 60 nationalities aren’t typical concerns for many projects these days. And then there’s Cross-rail. A project so complex yet so triumphant – it seemed to take some time to capture the hearts and minds of mega-project fans outside of the capital and for good reason. Lack of disaster, lack of catastrophe, little unplanned disruption, strong health and safety, innovative technology use and early (and continued) stakeholder engagement has seen far too little doom and gloom for the mainstream media to exploit. Yet as any project goes, it certainly hasn’t been without conflict. Continue reading here