BIM for Design VS BIM for Operations

For a unique perspective at the interface of ‘BIM for designer’ vs ‘BIM for operator’ here is Derek Lawrence (Associate Director, Arup) with some pertinent points and wise words.

In 2014, I felt that it was time to take my new-build design experience and repurpose it – by working for a commercial real estate services company. The mindset being that I was looking forward to continually improving the quality of the existing built environment for myself and others. A sensible and achievable goal perhaps, given that 80% of buildings that are here now are still expected to be around in 2050, the least we can do is look after them.
Armed with a good knowledge of digital design and Building Information Modelling I anticipated riding into this new sector like a knight in digital armor, ready to slay the perceived inefficiencies of the many existing workflows. I was due for a wake-up call.
In the two years that I worked for this company, frequently talking to their end users and owner/operators, I continually faced resistance to embracing BIM for operations. Whatsmore, it was primarily for one or two reasons…. continue reading here