BIM for Manufacturers – Setting the Standard

BIM Standard

It is not news that certain standards have been readily embraced by some and readily misunderstood by others. In light of this it is important to remind ourselves of the critical standards in operation and look at how they impact upon clients, facility operators and of course manufacturers. In this second guest piece from CIBSE, here is Carl Collins again to tell us more…

Well it might sound like a silly question, but it is worth unpacking not just what a standard is, but also what it is for and how it is arrived at. After all, the world of BIM is heavily influenced by standards and many other publications from standards’ bodies.

We should all be familiar with BS 1192:2007 and PAS 1192-2 already, but we need to get back to square one and look at the basics in order to do this subject justice. Indeed, why is one a BS and the other a PAS? The distinction is important. Continue reading here