4 AEC Trends Shaping 2017

AEC Trends

Let’s be honest, there’s just no categorizing what you do for living.

Sure, you’re in the construction business, and a lot of other people are, too. But architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) is such a broad term to describe what are, in reality, a million little niches.
You’ve got one construction manager building a 22-story office building that will be the crown jewel of downtown, while just down the road another manager is trying to put together her first blueprint for a small mom-and-pop country store. They’re worlds apart from each other in what they focus on.

That said, they’re still in the same line of work, and each has similar problems facing them. Construction managers want to design and build great structures. They want to get the project done on time. They want organize the work efficiently and drive costs down, thereby increasing the bottom line.  Continue reading here

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