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WFH Business

It’s official. We are now a WFH (work from home) business. What does that mean to you – nothing if you have worked with us, as we have been trialling it for the past 18 months.

To our staff and our business, the positive impact is huge. With the help of the Draftech System, our WFH System has completely transformed our business. We save hours every week just by not having to commute to work which makes for much happier staff. Thanks to current technology, we communicate as usual and all within a professional office space, plus we can still meet face to face. With Draftech’s performance based reward system, our clients negate risk and the use of cloud solutions gives access to projects on multiple devices.

Draftech has the workplace of the future. We feel our WFH business system is testament to our position in the market as a cutting edge company that is always embracing new technologies and applying them for the benefit of the construction sector.

Thank you to all the feedback from our clients who have helped us develop the Draftech WFH System. We always appreciate any new ideas for improvement.

Cheers Karl”