Cloudy With a Chance: Autodesk’s Latest Revit Update Focuses on the Cloud

Autodesk has announced the release of Revit 2019.2, the first update to Revit 2019.

One of the most-touted updates in 2019.2 is a greater shift to cloud computing. Cloud Models for Revit is a new feature that automatically synchronizes BIM 360 and files saved to your desktop, eliminating the need to manually upload files to share them. 2019.2 also lets users store Revit models in the cloud without needing to workshare them, a useful feature that enables individual users to store their models on BIM 360. At the same time, Autodesk has released a preview of its Cloud Model Upgrade, which lets BIM 360 project admins automatically update cloud-stored files to the latest version of Revit. Continue reading here

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