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“There has been increasing activity in design and methodology over the last five years and increasing application in the last two years. Builders are particularly interested when they want to repeat the design on future projects, there are time pressures on site or they want to minimise disruption to the local community, which makes having work done offsite even more attractive.” Anthony Walsh, Managing Director, Ausco Modular + President, MBIA.
Ausco Modular’s involvement in a range of projects has proven the worth of lower build costs, significant time savings and end-to-end project management implicit in the use of offsite and modular solutions. These gains make OSC ideal for sporting or education schemes – for example the Blyth-Snowtown Football & Netball Club or the New Samsung SMARTSchool at UniSA – in which a large proportion of the building is completed in a controlled factory environment prior to delivery and installation.

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