Lynn Allen Explains The Top 6 Trends For The AEC Industry

This is the Era of Connection. Today, everything is network-enabled and Internet-connected, from smart doorbells to fitness trackers, and this technology isn’t likely to slow down. By 2020, Cisco estimates that there will be more than 24 million devices connected to the Internet of Things.
What does this mean for the people that are building things like smart cities and interactive parking garages? What does the AEC industry need to prepare for in 2019?
To answer these questions, we joined global technology evangelist, Lynn Allen, for her recent webinar titled The Future of Building Things in Government where she explored what skills AEC industry professionals will need to help them manage the changes the Era of Connection is bringing. From revolutionized means of production to changes in demand, Allen broke down the factors that will impact the digital design industry. Below is an overview of the top six technologies and trends that Allen predicted will impact the future. Continue reading here

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