Three Benefits of Focusing on the Information Management in BIM

BIM has taken off in the building world, now it’s time to help it take off in the asset world, says Louise Irvine.
I believe we’ve moved beyond the B (Building) in BIM and are now in the age of information management. Founding BIM in the building world almost made us forget the big picture – our assets. It’s distracted us from the fundamental of surviving this digital age: information management. It’s good information management that will help us get the most from common data environments (CDEs) and 3D models.
Data can tell us a lot about our assets, but if we look beyond that to what’s around them and their inter-relationships, we can learn so much more. An area of expertise the geospatial industry has excelled in for many years. This is especially true on infrastructure projects.
Until now, BIM has focused on data management at a document or model level. What we need to recognise is that data is as important as the model. In the long run, it might even be more important in realising the true value within full asset life data management. Continue here