OpenSpace, The ‘Google Street View of Construction,’ Called a Game Changer

A San Francisco-based construction tech startup that recently received a $14 million stamp of approval from investors is also impressing the construction managers who use its software.

The software uses artificial intelligence to create navigable, 360-degree photo representations of a site. To record the images, a builder attaches a small, off-the-shelf camera to his or her hardhat and walks the site as normal, with OpenSpace passively capturing imagery in the background.

Imagery data is then uploaded to the cloud, where algorithms map the photos to project plans and “stitch” them together, the company says, creating a visual representation of the site similar in style to Google Street View. Data generated by OpenSpace accumulates over time, allowing construction pros to review site conditions from days, weeks or years in the past. (See video animation below.) The software automatically pins the images to floor plans for easy navigation. Continue reading here