The Pros and Cons of LiDAR for Capturing Existing Conditions

When it comes to capturing existing conditions, the first question in everyone’s mind seems to be “to scan or not to scan?” With all the technologies out there, the next question is usually “which tool is best for the job?” Complicating the ability to answer these questions is the accelerated pace at which new technology developments and commercially available products enter the market.
When overwhelmed by choices—especially new, unproven and expensive options—were often moved to inaction, making it difficult to invest in the proper technology. Which of the scanning technologies on the market are the correct ones for your needs?
Over the last few years, ProSoft has invested in a wide range of reality-capture technologies ranging from traditional, ground-based survey tools to terrestrial laser scanning to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-mounted capture platforms. We now even find ourselves flying drones on jobs that previously may have been captured with terrestrial-based scanners. Continue reading here

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